Tips for looking after your skin so it stays healthy

Your skin is the most amazing structure that the human body has – it can repair itself, grows as we grow, and helps to regulate our temperature. It is waterproof and flexible as we move, but so often we just take it for granted. That is, until something goes wrong, or as we age it becomes thinner and prone to lines and wrinkles, or we suffer from conditions caused by not keeping it healthy.

The good news is taking care of your skin doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. This 2017, why not make a resolution to look after your skin? You can start with the following tips:

Keep it clean

The outer layer or epidermis of the skin has tiny pores that allow the skin to “breathe”. Unfortunately from time to time they can become blocked with a naturally occurring oil called sebum, and also with dirt from the environment around us.

Sebum is produced to help lubricate our skin and hair, leaving it feeling soft and supple. However blocked pores can lead to spots, pimples and blackheads so it is important to keep the skin clear and clean.

Cleaning the skin on a regular basis using gentle and not harsh solutions will reduce the outbreak of skin eruptions like spots. Facial treatments designed to remove the top dead layer of skin cells also can aid in promoting new skin cell growth so the overall look and feel is smooth and healthy.

Protect it from the sun’s rays

Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause damage to skin over time. The top layer of the skin can burn, and constant tanning will cause the skin to feel and look “leathery” with deep grooves and wrinkles. This can cause skin cancer so protecting the surface of the skin is incredibly important.

Sunscreen with a factor of 15+ applied regularly is a must, and depending on where you are and the time of day, upping the SPF factor is advisable. Wearing protective clothing, hats or long sleeved tops, particularly if out in the middle of the day, will also help skin keep healthy.

Healthy diet

Keeping the skin plumped up and hydrated will assist in keeping blood circulating around the system and “feeding” the new skin cells as they grow and develop. Any toxic waste is then filtered out of the body so it does not impact on the growth and development of the skin. Make sure your diet includes lots of fruit and vegetables as Vitamin C can help promote healthy skin, plus reduce the amount of unhealthy fats and processed or refined carbohydrates.

Moisturise regularly

Be careful not to use products that contain harsh elements that can strip away the protective elements of the skin. Dry skin will crack and flake, and this can leave the body prone to infections. It is important to keep the skin supple with the right products, so make sure that you choose a moisturiser that suits your skin type.

Avoid smoking

Finally, and this should be no surprise, it’s time to quit smoking! Smoking restricts the tiny blood vessels in the outer skin layer so the flow of blood is restricted, stopping oxygen and nutrients, which keep the skin healthy.

About the Author:London Cosmetic Clinic