Redness Relief

London Cosmetic Clinic offers a Redness Relief facial that will help minimise and maintain any sensitive, sun damaged or dry skin. Redness is sign of damage to the skin. Your Barrier is compromised and it needs be repaired and then maintained regularly.

Our Redness relief facials consist of a double cleanse of a calming cream cleanser,

Dry and Dehydrated skin

Dehydration in the skin is a lack of water; Dryness is a lack of oil. Dehydrated and dryness in your skin will increases your chances of developing wrinkles, your skin will not have a stable function, it will feel Flaky, Rough and Tight. Flakiness interferes with its natural exfoliation and this may result in unwanted congestion.

Did you know that from about the age of 30, we lose about a teaspoon of volume from our faces every ten years?!

Over time, this results in looking tired, worn out and partly explains the aging effect of looking” older.” At the same time, our skin loses its “snap” as collagen and elastin stores decrease from our skin. Our muscles and bones that support the skin shrink inwards, leading to loose, saggy skin that has lost its tightness,


Most people don’t think much about the sun spots on their face. We accept freckles as aging and permanent additions to our appearance. We develop freckles from exposure from the Ultra violet A rays. It’s in our inherited DNA and our skin sensitivity whether we are predisposed to developing freckles or not.
Melanin is a substance in the body responsibly for colour,

Redness In The Skin

A world first treatment now exists for patients suffering from redness, erythema and roseacea. This novel cream called brimonidine drastically reduces redness in the skin within 30minutes and lasts for up to 12 hours. London Cosmetic Clinic is one of the first and only stockists of brimonidine and is available by consultation only. Previously, patients only had the option of IPL or laser treatments,