Non-Surgical Nose Jobs in Southport, the Gold Coast

Non-surgical nose jobs, non-surgical rhinoplasty or reshaping is an increasingly common procedure in the aesthetic industry here in Southport on the Gold Coast. Surgical nose enhancement has been available for many years, however non-surgical nose enhancement is relatively new and not particularly well known.

The human eye can ascertain in an instant whether someone’s face is relatively symmetrical,

Sunken Eye Treatments

At London Cosmetic Clinic we have a lot enquiry from patients concerned about the appearance of sunken eyes. It also described as tired eyes, dark circles, bags under the eyes and looking old and worn out. Some of these terms mean the same thing however it takes a face to face consultation to determine exactly what the problem is,

What is Anti-Aging?

What is anti-aging?

Serums, creams, gels, scrubs, tonics, IPL, laser, dermabrasions, Botox and fillers. It all sounds like a foreign language right!

All of these treatments and products are mass marketed to us on a daily basis but do you Really know what’s best for you?

Firstly, let’s take a step back and ask ourselves;

Redness Relief

London Cosmetic Clinic offers a Redness Relief facial that will help minimise and maintain any sensitive, sun damaged or dry skin. Redness is sign of damage to the skin. Your Barrier is compromised and it needs be repaired and then maintained regularly.

Our Redness relief facials consist of a double cleanse of a calming cream cleanser,